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Kozue Tsukahara

I use a method called Glass Cloisonne ("Glass-tai-shippo") and make jewelries, caskets, wall decorations, decorative pallettes, plates, etc.

My encounter with craft was at Junior College where I studied metalworking.
In the metalworking class, I learned of Cloisonne enamel ware ("Shippo-yaki").Cloisonne enamel ware is mainly metal glazed with glass and burned in an electric kiln. I found it very interesting to see beautiful colors of glass burnt on metal, and this is why I started studying glass. I transferred to the University from the third year and started studying glass, and when trying to find my own way of expression through these two materials that I've learned, I decided on Cloisonne enamel ware.
Within the many methods of Cloisonne enamel ware, I focused on a method called Email Cloisonne ("Yusen-shippo") which uses silver lines. I started making it without any knowledge, just with the thought that it must be beautiful to see fragile silver lines in clear glass. I later found out that it was a method called Glass Cloisonne ("Glass-tai-shippo").

"Flowers Bloom" brooch

"ring" ring

"Mutsu no Hana" dish

In order to make it, you put silver lines (bends) on glass at right angles, and fill between the lines with powder glass, using various types of colored or clear glass. Afterwards, it is burned in an electric kiln and then polished. The feature of this method is that you can draw many designs (patterns) with silver.
My designs relate to the cross-sectional configurations of plants' stems. Stems have many pipes which pump up water, and every one of the pipes are shaped differently. When I cut a stem and saw through a microscope, the pattern looked like a flower, and I found out that there is beauty in places you can't normally see.
I then made a dish out of this pattern in my fourth year of University. (It is close to my work of HANA series.)
My present thin running design comes from this pattern.

It has been 10 years since I have started, but I am still trying to find ways of expression. I am hoping to produce a more beautiful design by mixing glass and Cloisonne, and combining their indivisual expressions. I will continue to do my best to produce transparent, delicate and beautiful works with these two materials.

From the owner

Ms. Tsukahara has been assossiated with our ArtShop Tsukibae since our openning in Dec, 2015. We admire her attitude towards her works. Her kind, charming expression and her way of speaking, relates to the atmosphere of her works. She has many fans of her works in this short period of time, and have received many orders. She has a special "something" that inspires the kindness and delicacy within us.

ArtShop Tsukibae Owner,
Mayumi Miyanaga

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