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Kou Shoshin

After graduating Graduate School of Kanazawa College of Art, Doctor Course in 2018, I returned to Taiwan, and am now continuing my works at my home studio in Taipei. Studying metal inlay in Japan has been a tremendous step for my artworks.
I started studying metalworks in a University in Taiwan, and I mainly produced with silver, bronze, and brass. My works at the time mostly used single-coloring metal plating, but now, by using alloys for inlaying decorations, they have colorful, decorative expressions.
In order to express more originality in my works, I have also tried many combining techniques such as openwork and corrosion in my receptacle works, besides inlay techniques.

Through my experience living in Kanazawa, I was influenced by the city's high interest towards art, and I became more interested in the connection between people and the various receptacles in life.
People become bonded with receptacles by repeatedly using them, growing emotional connection between non-living receptacles and themselves. My purpose in production is to strengthen the connection between humans and objects through the beauty of decorations and the various forms of receptacles.
I also produce with the theme of "mental picture of memories." This refers to the images that are envisioned, recalled, and memorized to the heart.

The portrayal themes for my artworks are the impressive great nature and the events surrounding me, for example, travelling memories, flowers blooming on the school route, grandfather's house on the countryside. The experiences of life I felt through my 5 senses, and things I consider to have beauty... these are recalled from my memories and converted into decorative patterns and artworks with an addition of my imagination. In a way, it is a combination and mixture of reality and imagination, a mental image in our minds--- the revival of my favorite space and time.




From the owner

The first artwork I saw of Ms. Kou's was one using houses for the motif. She is presently utilizing Inlay which she studied in Kanazawa, and is producing art through what she sees through everyday life and nature. They are produced by detailed Inlay, and have warmth though they are metal. It is understandable that one feels somewhat longing and affection.

ArtShop Tsukibae Owner,
Mayumi Miyanaga

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