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Living close to Art

”Tsukibae” is an ArtShop which renovated a traditional house built in the Meiji Period. There are varieties of art here in Kanazawa. This is because Kanazawa has a history of living close to art, and has a rich environment of devoloping artists. In such an environment, many talented artists are producing artworks based here in Kanazawa. "Tsukibae" specializes artworks produced by these artists having a certain kinship with Kanazawa's art. By having these artworks near at hand, and by sharing with you the world and sense of time of these artworks, we'd like to offer you an enriched lifestyle.


Shop Information

『 ArtShop Tsukibae 』

〒 920-0854
18-10, Yasuecho, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa ( MAP )
Tel : (+81)-76-256-5371
open : 10:00-18:00
close : Monday , Tuesday / from 3 days at the end of every month.
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