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Metal Crafts Hammering Artist Kumi Yabuuchi

Kumi Yabuuchi

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Kumi Yabuuchi

There are less than 120 molecules that make up this world, most of them being metal. Metals that I always handle, such as copper, silver and aluminum, exist as independent elements configuring this world.

I became impressed by such metals when I first came across the method of hammering. Hammering is a method of shaping by moving metal molecules through beating out or drawing metal. When providing metal the density of repulsive force or tension of beating, hammering creates its unique form of shape.

By capturing metal materials as a set of metal molecules and not as shapes of boards or masses, shaping is consisted of repeated acts of moving molecules with my hands. When I became aware of this, I think that my thoughts toward this world itself have changed. When dealing with these metal materials, I feel that moments of material existence are expressed by shape, and I always hope to produce works that express such magnificent stories.


works『 存在の畢竟 ⅰ 』

works『 story of M 』

works『 inter-body #1 』

When working on a project, I always look for a bodily image in the metallic plates, because hammering is a method of physical act. I try to abstractly express the beauties and agonies of humans, and emotions without using words. Also, by applying patterns such as engraving and embroidering, a magical image is created, and I hope to produce works that recall particular scenes of personal stories.

Kumi Yabuuchi

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From the owner:

Fans of Ms. Yabuuchi's works are increasing. The balance with metal is so natural, the embroideries are hardly noticable at first glance. Also, there is something that excites the center of our bodies. This may be because our bodies as a collection of molecules sympathizes with the art works. From Ms. Yabuuchi's stories, we can each picture our own stories. What kind of story will it be?

ArtShop Tsukibae Owner, Mayumi Miyanaga