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Ceramics Artist Fumi Sato

Fumi Sato

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uncertain bed

works『uncertain bed』

running water

works『running water』

skin of blue and white 17’-03

works『skin of blue and white 17’-03 』

I mainly make sculptures by dyeing ceramics. I first encountered with ceramics in my first year of college. In the class of firing tin ware, I saw the plates crack, the colors changing along the fire path, and the natural glaze shining here and there in the dark gray color when removing them from kiln. I was impressed by these changes of firing pottery. I was also attracted by the freedom of shaping mud with my own hands.

My works are based on my interest in deformation of body and objects. I have always had interest in human body, and am attracted to especially skin and the filmy parts of the body, like observing blood flows, wounds, and wrinkles. I have a desire to understand the unknown body, and I think I can feel alive by doing so. I use the human body as a motif and dement them to confirm my own body.

I am also very interested in the changing phenomenom of deformation, crush, crack, melt etc, and their original figures that we can imagine behind their fragileness. These are unseperatable from the firing process and fragile nature of ceramics.

In my works, I use china clay, creating and deforming a thin layer of round clay, unglaze and paint patterns on them, and then reduction fire them in gas kiln. To me, dyeing is a process of assuring the unstable one by one, and painting patterns on distorted wombs is an act of putting a stop to its unstable form.
Through my works, I hope you can feel the beauty and fun in the change of firing ceramics.


workflow[Grinding of unglazed]

From the owner:

Placing value in demented or broken shapes in pottery molding may not be unusual. However, Ms. Sato's works have beautiful paintings on them, and dignity is added to its indivisual shapes. I hope you can feel something through her works of excellence in visual image and three-dimensional sense. You may feel the freedom, or a sense of security in its deformation. Or...

ArtShop Tsukibae Owner, Mayumi Miyanaga