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Metal Casting Artist Taro Kawano

Taro Kawano

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artwork Forms of a Forest

artwork "Forms of a Forest"

artwork Melting Light in a Forest

artwork "Melting Light in a Forest"

Metal Casting, draining melted metal into molds, is my method of works.
Wax used for the patterns is so brittle, it even changes shapes by the warmth of the hand. It is an ephemeral existence, used on the premise that it disappears when melted in heat and spread in mold. By replacing such an indefinite existence into strong metals, I confront daily with metal casting, to form the vague consciousness into a shape of life.

The themes and motifs for my works is "forest".
My home, Mie prefecture, has many sacred forests such as Ise Jingu and Kumano Kodo. This may be why I had a strong longing and fear for forests since my childhood.The sparkling light and sounds on a windy sunny morning, the multitiered colors in the bright daily sunlight, the signs and noise of night like a creature's growl, the deep darkness in both day and night...
To me, a "forest" provides an irreplacable peace of mind, and sometimes fear beyond help. I believe these bilateral feelings provide a sense of "true existence."

production process

production process "wax pattern"



My works of "forests" shown through metal casting, are aimed to express a scenery by producing them into shape with the process of the techniques and the material's spirituality. I feel my works are still dim when formed in shape, but when it touches people's hearts, I believe it changes into a certain scenery. When people gain something, whether its an object or a feeling, it is difficult to gain just pure happiness, and they always come with pain or worry.
It will be great if people should experience the strong feeling of "true existence," similar to what I received through the forests.

Taro Kawano

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From the owner:

We have known each other since the opening of our shop. He was the first to accept our offer to display art works. Recalling the first time we met, his smile felt like the warmth of a sunshine in a forest. His works appear different when seen in light/shadow. We may be able to receive a different message from either way. Some may feel energy, while others feel motions like fire or wind. Some may even feel a sense of stability. We'd love for everyone to experience it for themselves.

ArtShop Tsukibae Owner, Mayumi Miyanaga